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Ace Putter SetAce Putter SetBeautiful real wood-looking case with a 4-piece executive putter set for practicing your putting technique at home or away.
Bean Bag Throw GameBean Bag Throw GameFun filled day of family friendly competition; 2 or 4 players, indoors or outdoors, includes all you need.
Click on the image to reveal 5 theames to choose from:
and Surfing
Mulligan - 4-piece travel putter setMulligan - 4-piece travel putter set4-piece travel putter set including a compact zipper clutch with carry handle for either indoor or outdoor use
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19th Hole Putting Green Shaped Cutting Board19th Hole Putting Green Shaped Cutting BoardPutting green shaped cutting board is a fun way to display appetizers of your choosing
Picnic Table SPORT - Football FieldPicnic Table SPORT - Football FieldClick to open!Choose a Football Field sports-themed, sturdy plastic picnic table. Compact, easy transport and integrated fold up bench basket weave design seats for 4.
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Oniva Seat Sport - FootballOniva Seat Sport - FootballLightweight, portable Oniva Seat - Football Design; cushioned steel frame for hours of comfortable sitting; adjustable shoulder strap; A zippered pocket for extra storage
Picnic Table SPORT - PokerPicnic Table SPORT - PokerClick to open! Choose your popular, Poker sports-theme, sturdy plastic table. Compact for easy transport, with integrated fold up bench basket weave design seats for 4.
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Picnic Games Directory

Picnic Games Directory

Picnic Games Directory
Anagram Number Plate

Our Driving Game

Car Cricket


Sing Songs

Lemon Bowling Cards



Fun games to play on the way to your picnics

Family Picnic Games not just Child Picnic Games

A picnic can be loads of fun. And believe it or not the drive there can also be fun. The easiest way to do this is to play games as you go.

Games are not just for the kids! Many picnic games can be very sophisticated and will keep adults and child totally absorbed.

Family picnic games or child picnic games help make the drive calm. Outside they add to the romance of the day.

Anagrams Number Plate Game

One of the easiest games that you can play is the "Anagrams Number Plate Game". 

How to play 
Take a quick look at the number plates of the cars in front of you.
They must be heading in your direction and not parked.
They cannot be coming towards you.

The reason for this is:
1) If the driver is playing S/he need to be able to keep their eyes on the road whilst they play and
2) The words that you have created need to be able to be checked by the other players. There is no time to do that if you have passed the car. 
Stopped at traffic lights is not Ok as it annoys other drivers because you delay in taking off!

You can combine the letter on any order you like. It is an annagram game.

You can use the numbers in your anagram.

For example GR8 is "GREAT" B4 is "BEFORE".

You can make the game as complicated as you like or as easy.

For example: "You must use all the characters in the number plate" or "you don't use all the characters".

You can score according to the number of or characters used.

For example: 1 point per character used + 1 point per word. 10 points if you use the whole number plate.

Our Driving Game

A favorite game we have is called "Our Driving Game". There is nothing like an original name for a game - and this is nothing like original. :-) 
This game is similar to the Anagrams game above ecept you cannot rearrange the letters and numbers they must be sequential.

How to play 
Take a quick look at the number plates of the cars in front of you.
They must be heading in your direction and not parked.
They cannot be coming towards you.
The reason for this is the same as for anagrams above
Take a look at the letters on the number plate and see if you can make a word.
For example: you could make the word Kate (C8) or the Name Abe (AB).
This is a game that depends on the phonetics of the word.
Thus the letter "k" can sound like either "kay" or it's normal phonetic sound as in the word "Keep".
The letter "c" can sound like "Cee" and "s" or it's normal phonetic "c" sound as in the word "can".
Some words will be depend on your accent.
For example in the Australian accent the word "Car" is pronounced with the emphasis on the "r". In the South African accent the emphasis is on the "a" so that to the untrained ear it can sound like an "or".
You score 2 points for a two(2)character word.
Three(3)points for each three character word etc.
Unless you have very young children one character words like "A" or "I" don't count.
Word scores are cumulative i.e. Two three character words = 6 points and so on.
If you include letters and numbers in your word, you score 5 points.
If you make a sentence (and it can be done) you score 7 points.
Using the whole number plate = 10 points (it is possible)
More than one person can score off one number plate.
For example if one person finds a three character word and someone else finds another both persons score three(3) points each.

The judge is the general consensus of all participating in the game. Remember if you knock back what could be ok you run the risk of your word being knocked back later.
Phonetic spelling ability is required.

There are all sorts of variations you can make to this game. Some may like to make numbers into letters.
For example: the number "3" can be said to be a backwards letter "E" the number 1 can be said to be the letter "i" or "L" etc.

Car Cricket

Cricket is a game that is not played in the United States to any great degree. Fortunately knowing the rules of that game is not required to play this game. 

How to play 
You must be careful to set the rules very clearly first.
With the rules set you are safe to play this game.
There is a Batsperson.
Only this person can score runs.
The rest of the people in the car, field, these are the people looking to get a batsperson out. 

One(1)run is scored for any "Red" color car (it doesn't have to be red it can be any color you must all agree on the color first).
Two(2)runs are scored for every green car(ditto as above).
Four(4)runs are scored for every truck (ditto).
Six(6)runs for every motor bike (ditto).

If you see an animal in the car you score 6 but you are also "OUT"(ditto).
You are also "OUT" and someone else has a turn if you see a bus(ditto).

The majority of the group have to agree that a run has been score
The winner is the person with the highest score after everyone has had two goes.


One fun thing to do that has kept us occupied for hours over the years is collections. 

How to play 
Very simply you try to collect things as you go. Visually of course.

One of our best collections were creeks.
In our travels we used to drive past creeks with names like "Fifteen Miles Creek", "Three Mile Creek" and so on. We decided that we would try and track down all the "..... Mile Creeks" we could find. We even took photos of them. We eventually collected 1 through 15.

Other ideas are Collecting town names according to the letters of the alphabet.
For example Alphatown to Zebraville (I made these up).
What about colors Violet Town or Indigo(real places in Australia).
Floral towns are a good one. If you are botanically wise you can collect trees - A game no good for someone as botanically challenged as me.

Sing Songs

Don't forget that when you run out of games or you become board with them, you can always sing songs.
You don't have to sing well in order to enjoy singing.
Remember that the Bible says Make joyful noises unto the Lord. It says nothing about making good sounds or even singing in time. As long as you have fun. 

Some Singing Suggestions: 
Favorite Song from the radio "T.V Themes" (old or New) you can get these from the internet
Nursery Rhymes
Sunday School (Bible school/club) Songs 
"Silly songs" 
Folk songs Most of the fun songs come from the 50's and 60's and Musicals (if any body knows a link let us know if we use it we'll send you a discount- see below)

Picnic Games for when you get there

Lemon Bowling

Ever heard of Ten Pin Bowling? This is the same game only it is played with Lemons.
You have packed and Cups from your "picnic basket for 2"or your "picnic backpack for 2"or "similar". This is a Lot harder but as long as you don't take it too seriously, very funny.


When conversation runs out one of the most effective ways of getting it going again is to play cards. A pack of cards is easy to pack and takes up very little space. There are a lot good card games on the market that cover all sorts of age groups. Unless you are a serious person and the group you are with are serious people and you all get your fun from being serious I recommend that you don't play the strategy games. The ones that are based on pure luck are the funniest ones, if you don't take them too seriously.


As long as you don't take it too seriously one of the funniest card games is called frustration. Remember to laugh at your own misfortune in this game and you will create some of the best conversations you have had. 
How to play 
You will need a your "picnic table" and your "picnic time sports chair" or two if you have more than four people playing.
Choose the dealer anyway you like.
You will need two decks of cards.
Everybody gets dealt 11 cards
The remainder of deck is placed face down with top card turned over to start the discard pile.
Aces are highest or lowest.
2's are Wild Card - once played it cannot be exchanged.
The player next to the dealer goes first then the next and so on. 
Taking your turn 
When it is your turn pick up from the face down pile.
If you can make the criteria (see below) you can place it on the table.
If other players have placed their cards on the table because they have met the criteria then you may place any of your other cards on theirs as long as you continue the criteria.
Continue to do this until you can do it no more and then discard a card.
That finishes your turn.
From now on you may choose to pick up from the discard pile instead of the face down pile but only if can use the card to go down on the table immediately.
The next person has their turn exactly as above and so until someone has put all of their cards on the table.
Until you place cards on the table you can only ever have 11 cards in your hand.
In order to place cards on the table you must meet the criteria (see below).
The idea is to place all your cards on the table before anybody else.
This ends the round.
All cards still in hand score against that player (see below).

There is a different criterion for going on the table.
If your do not meet the criteria at the end of the round, you have to try again in the next round.
The game ends when the last criterion is completed by any one player.
The winner is one with the lowest score.
There are 10 criteria and they are:
Criteria 1 - 2 groups of 3 of a kind (ie: 333 and 999)
Criteria 2 - 1 group of 3 of a kind and 1 run of 3 (ie: 333 4,5,6 or J,Q,K)
Criteria 3 - a run of 7 (ie: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
Criteria 4 - 2 groups of 4 of a kind (ie: 3333 and 9999)
Criteria 5 - 1 group of 4 of a kind and 1 run of 4 (ie: 3333 and 4,5,6,7)
Criteria 6 - a run of 8 (ie: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J)
Criteria 7 - a group of 3 of a kind and a run of 6 (ie: 333 and 4,5,6,7,8,9)
Criteria 8 - a run of 9 (ie: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q)
Criteria 9 - a set of 2 and a set of 5 (ie: 33 and 99999)
Criteria 10 - a run of 10 (ie: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K)

The idea of the game is to be the first to complete all ten of the criteria.
They must be done in order and you do not progress to the next criteria until you complete the one you are on. 

Ace = 20 points
Two's = 50 points - because remember it is a wild card
3,4,5,6,7,8,9 = 5 points
10, J, Q, K = 10 points

You only score the cards remaining in your hand after someone has played all their cards.
Don't forget to always take a card from the closed deck at each turn - remembering that you may only take a card from the discard pile if you are going to use it (if the person before you places a card on the discard pile and you can place it on the table for your turn this helps you get rid of your cards - so don't mention their mistake unless of course they are younger than you.)


Everybody Loves a story. It's always great to sit around in your sports chair or comfortable waterproof camping blanket swapping stories, especially tall stories or a good yarn. Remember Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn.

Progressive Story

The idea here is that one person starts a story about anything but it must be only one sentence long.
The next person in order adds a sentence and so on (Suggestion: use age or first name alphabetical order or any other system you like - flip a coin pick a number gong clockwise/anticlockwise - to determine who goes after who).
For example: The first person may start by saying "Once Upon a time". The next person may say "there was a cat". The next may say "the cat lived by the river" and so on.

Using scenery that you are passing by helps and things that are in the car but there are no restrictions on what you can use other than your own family values.
It can become quite silly but that is part of the fun.
I have heard of families that enjoyed there stories so much they wrote them down. I've never heard of people making any money with such stories... But who knows.

But if you are not talented at making things up or have a poor memory for storied you have learned why not pack a book. They have to be short storied or children's stories if you are talking to children of course. Personally over the years I have found that some the best and sometimes the most romantic stories are children's stories. One of the best is called the Gentle Bunyip about an Australian Dream Time (sort of mythical) creature. You do have to be careful with small children and stories about mythological creature. One of our children was told a tall story about by a friend of ours and terrified him whenever we went bush walking, for weeks. The Gentle Bunyip is not a story that will scare your children if you can find it as it seems to be out of print But there are a whole mas of Children's Books

Just a hint: don't fall for the easy path of just putting on a DVD in the car and or a CD. Remember that it's all about building relationships and DVD's and CD's don't do that. Read the story out loud yourself. Your family is not going to care if you ar good they will just appreciate the sharing. Besides the more you do it the better you will get.


Everybody loves good Jokes. But what about telling bad jokes? I mean try and see who can tell the joke that raises the best groan. Whats more there is no shortage of books that can keep you in an endless supply of jokes. Just read the books for youself before you read them to anybody else just to make sure they are aprpreate to those you are going to read them.

More Games

Picnic Table Games
Why not try playing your game straight off the Sports Theme picnic tables. You will have to make up the rules yourself but that is half the fun. 
There are plenty of book of games and Party theames and dozens of the best party games around so you should never be short of ideas for fun and games at your picnic.
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